Please contact us for answers to any other questions you may have.

What browsers do you support?

We support the latest 2 major versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. To get the most out of Industry Analytics we recommend installing or upgrading to the latest version of your favorite browser.

Do you offer free trial of Industry Analytics?

Yes. Our free trial gives you unlimited access to five years of insights with all of the Industry Analytics functionality for five days.

Do you provide access to individual user or company data?

No. All insights are analyzed in the aggregate with no exposure to individual-specific or company-specific data. Insights are analyzed at the keyword search term, category and country levels, providing insights into trends over time, as well as the ability to perform cross keyword, category and country level comparisons.

Can I pay with anything other than credit card?

Yes. Flexible billing options are available. Contact an existing UL Account Manager or send an email to and an account representative will assist you in subscribing to Industry Analytics in methods other than credit card.

How many users does an Industry Analytics plan support?

Subscriptions to Industry Analytics are meant to support single users; however, if you need support for multiple users, please contact your UL account representative or email

Does Industry Analytics include international data?

Yes. Industry Analytics represents global activity and with the ability to analyze data at the country level, allowing you to compare and contrast trends and insights across geographies.

How much data do I have access to?

You have access into millions of searches conducted by tens of thousands of personal care and cosmetics professionals searching for the data they need to create new products and make informed decisions about formulations. Trends and insights are based on the aggregated search behaviors of these industry professionals, which is often predictive of future buying decisions and new product development trends. The plan you select and pay for will determine the historical view you will be able to access.